Lord of the Rings Tours - 3 options to choose

From NZD $2,160.00
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Nelson, Nelson
  • Product code: LOR

Experience stunning Lord of the Rings filming locations with GCH Aviation Nelson Helicopters

Flying to Mt Owen, at the southern end of the Kahurangi National Park, we will view the film sites from The Lord of the Rings and The Fellowship of the Ring, where the depleted Fellowship were filmed escaping from the horrors of Moria.

Flying through to Mt Olympus, appropriately named with its rocky outcrops twisted and cracked into unbelievable columnar shapes sprouting from the side of the mountain, we view where the Fellowship hid from Saruman’s Crebain.

We then fly to Canaan Downs where the Hobbits are lead by Aragorn into the Chetwood Forest northeast of Bree.

To customise your experience, we can add lunch and additional stops.

Mt Owen Tour

  • Dimrill Dale (Mount Owen)

Trip time: 90 minutes / Flight time: 50 minutes / Landings: 1

Mt Olympus Tour

  • South of Rivendell (Mount Olympus)

  • Chetwood Forest (Canaan Downs, no landing)

Trip time: 2 hours / Flight time: 60 minutes / Landings: 1

Combo Tour

  • Dimrill Dale (Mount Owen)

  • South of Rivendell (Mount Olympus)

  • Chetwood Forest (Canaan Downs, no landing)

Trip time: 3+ hours / Flight time: 70 minutes / Landings: 2

If you should have any questions

Ph:+64 03 547 4360

Email: gchnelson@gchaviation.com


Please note:

Cost is for private charter of aircraft of which seats 1 to 5 people

Seasonal snow may be at landing sites during winter months

All flights are based on full charter of aircraft. 

Flight is weather dependent

Weight limitations apply- less people will be carried if weight
limitation of aircraft is exceeded.

Please bring credit card or cash to purchase lunch. 

ID will be required to buy or consumed Alcohol. 

Legal age to buy or consumed Alcohol is 18 + years old.