Aoraki Mount Cook & Lord of the Rings Country

Da NZD NZ$ 2.710,00
  • Durata: 3 Ore (circa)
  • Luogo: Christchurch, Canterbury
  • Codice prodotto: PPMAOE

This truly is one flight “to rule them all”. It’s an awe-inspiring

journey that will take you over the Canterbury Plains and into the

heart the Southern Alps to the jaw-dropping Aoraki Mount Cook.

Aoraki Mount Cook is New Zealand’s highest peak standing

at 3,724 metres. There are 27 other mountains in this alpine

range that peak at over 3000 metres which combine to make a

landscape of truly epic proportions.

However, it’s only when the helicopter lands on a mountain top

and you step out that the magic truly begins. Breathe in deeply

the fresh alpine air that carries a slight chill from the nearby

glaciers, as your mind struggles to comprehend the natural

beauty that surrounds you.

Fly home through Lord of the Rings country and follow in the

footsteps of Gandalf at the spectacular site of Edoras, the capital

of Rohan. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure will create memories

that will last “an age of middle earth”.

Allow 2.5 hours. Minimum passenger numbers/fares are required for trips to depart.